Monday 20th August 2011

I am keeping strange hours at the present, the iron tablets seem to be slowly making a difference, which is good. And I am making use of the time and energy that I have to get on with Fun-dRaiser stuff… amongt other things.

Still finding it hard to concentrate but I have started reading a book, might actually watch a film this week. The worst of my restless legs seems to have calmed and my breathing is getting better. Still got cold feet and seriously achy joints but its early days, so am hanging onto hope!

I feel the need for food now… so am off to make busy in the kitchen…. xxx




Friends old and new

I have been friends with many of my friends for decades….and I treasure them, we have been through a lot together but I have been busy collecting new friends. I have many at work now, working in MH services in the NHS has proved to be the best *fit* work-wise for me, I don’t feel like the oddity amongst *normal* and what for me were actually rather dull individuals….

I look for that certain spark in people, if I thought about it I would be able to define it, but I’m going to leave it as a creative, spiritual connection, a sort of meeting of minds or soul…I don’t want to over analyse it, as I think that this would spoil it…

So if you are new in my life, whether I found you as a neighbour, you know who you are, whether I met you at college, uni, or work, whether I met you on the recent phenomen that is a social networking site….. I am glad that I met you, you make my life lighter….

much love


This here is the Light Blog….welcome.. fun and laughter here xx

Thanks to all my lovely friends that came out for a drink in the delightful local pub that is The Punch & Judy last night. It was lovely to see you all and I had a really good time with you all. I love that I feel re-connected with you all, and its made me reflect on how I choose the people that I want around me nowadays…we are probably all a little flawed in our own ways but there is a positiveness about you all… I love everyone’s creativity, passion and intellect…I love that I have known so many of you for decades, you all bring something good to my life…. Long may it continue ….cheers xxxx