Modern news reporting does my head in…

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. My last post, which I have not re-read, was written in September as I was starting to slide off the rails. I am not ready to read it at this point. I may never be ready to read it again. And truthfully even if and when I am, I think it can stay here and be a recording of how I was feeling at that point, for posterities sake.

So, today I am feeling a little physically unwell, bit of a head cold and all that, but it is a nice sunny spring day and I am currently feeling a little more calm and upbeat. It has been commented on over the last few weeks that I sound a little calmer now. Which is good. Today I have been doing things around the Little House and the Little Garden, enjoying the sun and the better weather.
And I am making the most of that calmness, as there is no guarantee it will last.  Recovery, is most definitely not a linear process and it is best to be aware of that.

So what has prompted this post?

Well, it is my reaction to the news-heavy reporting on paedophilia that is a constant occurrence in our lives nowadays.
To be honest, it has and is doing my head in. It makes me feel as though I am constantly being hit around the head with a brick.
I have my own reasons for feeling like that and I am choosing to keep that to myself.

So what is it that is about this issue that is bothering me enough to prompt me to put fingers to my keyboard today?
Lets be very, very clear, It’s not that this subject is being reported, I think it is good that it is being reported. It is how it is being reported.

But we hear next to nothing of what the survivors or victims of abuse are actually saying. What we are told is who has been charged and what with. And boy oh boy do we hear it if the alleged perpetrator happens to be a celebrity of some description or other. That criteria seems to make certain people very news worthy. We then get told that they are at court and the trials are reported. They may go into more detail then and there maybe a chance then for the survivors story to be heard but I switch off because I simply cannot cope with how they are being reported.

I find that I query why this issue is reported in this way. Who benefits from it?

What seems obvious to me is that there is little discussion about the impact of the abuse and how the lives of those making the allegations have been affected. There is no discussion about how difficult it would have been for the individuals to report these allegations. And of how the allegation are investigated. There is nothing of any substance about how the reports of abuse are being investigated and what the criminal justice system is doing with the results of all those investigations. There is nothing of how the criminal justice system makes a decision about what cases have sufficient evidence to proceed to court. What in fact is enough evidence?

This seems to me at it’s worst, to be gravelly wrong and at it’s very least, it totally misses the opportunity to have a grown up, sensible discussion about an issue that is simply just is not going to go away. And it won’t go away, no matter how much anyone wants it to.

So shall we all start thinking about how news is presented to us and look at how we react to news of any kind and think about how it affects us?  Does it make us feel shocked. Does it make us feel horrified. Does it make us feel shame. Do we feel bad that we did not see it. Do we want to carry on pretending that it does not happen. Do we not care. We can all feel any of these responses to any issue reported in the news. Actually stopping to think about how you as an individual feel in response to all these allegations and stories is the first thing that we as a society is the first step in dealing with any issue. And in particular this issue.

It is difficult for any of us to do.
But don’t we all owe it to those affected to do this?

Once we have an understanding of our own reactions, then we can we start to discuss what it is that has actually occurred.
And when we do that, we can start to talk about what we can do to improve the lives of those affected and what we can all do to change our society. Then we might actually be able to do something that does help to prevent it happening any more.

My head is starting to really hurt again. So that is enough for now.


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